"We develop and implement profitable cross-border Wealth Management businesses"
"A combination of long-standing practical Private Banking experience with in-depth expertise in business transformations"
"We help and guide banking Clients through a fully managed disclosure process"
Pioneering A New Era Of Wealth Management Firms
What we do
We define and implement up-to-date business models of profitable and sustainably growing new cross-border private banking franchises, in compliance with international regulations.
Our Offering
We offer project managment and consulting, and design complete transformation and disclosure programs for banks, small boutiques, family offices and selected individuals.
About us
We are a growing firm that combines deep private banking experience with specialized expertise in the current transformation process of cross-border wealth management.
NOVERAS Services is a dedicated offering which combines selected law firms with a managed disclosure process for the benefit of banks' clients and selected individuals.


February 2017 :
NOVERAS AG entrusted to run overall program management client tax reporting of a globally leading wealth manager

October 2016 :
NOVERAS AG mandated to design and run series of education seminars for leading private bank.

September 2016 :
NOVERAS AG mandated to support 2017 tax reports production of a globally leading wealth manager.

July 2016 :
NOVERAS Services extends its voluntary disclosure offering to Argentina.

June 2016 :
NOVERAS AG mandated to enhance UK country specific client tax reporting of a leading Swiss bank.

May 2016 :
NOVERAS Services AG completes its Brazil Voluntary Disclosure expert team with Marcel G├╝ttinger, Head Latin America, and Marina Cruz Rufino, Brazilian qualified lawyer, for comprehensive advice and servicing out of Switzerland.

January 2016 :
NOVERAS Services AG welcomes Yves Fischli as new CEO and managing partner.

NOVERAS Services offering gets wrapped into dedicated legal entity NOVERAS Services AG.

30.11.2015 :
NOVERAS Services extends its voluntary disclosure offering to Brazil.

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